AFP issues warrants for Australian ISIL terrorists Khaled Sharrouf and Mohamed Elomar

Aussie ‘jihadists’, fighters will be jailed: Abbott

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The PM has put jihadists and guerilla fighters on notice with a warning that anyone going overseas to fight will be jailed if they return.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has issued a warning to Australians who fly abroad to fight foreign battles after federal police issued warrants for two men thought to have joined up with insurgents in the Middle East.

“I have a very strong message for any Australian who is thinking of going overseas to engage in guerrilla warfare, jihadism, anything of this nature: `don’t do it’. It is a serious crime,” Mr Abbott told reporters on Wednesday.

“If you come back to Australia you will be arrested, you will be charged, you will be jailed.

“This is a serious crime.

“We do not want Australians going abroad to fight in other people’s wars.”

News Corp Australia reported on Wednesday a western Sydney man, Simeon Boikov, has flown to Ukraine to recruit supporters for pro-Russian rebels.

Meanwhile, it was revealed late on Tuesday the Australian Federal Police had issued arrest warrants for Mohamed Elomar and convicted terrorist Khaled Sharrouf.

The pair have reportedly joined the Islamic State (formerly known as ISIL) insurgents fighting in Syria and Iraq and are wanted for alleged terrorist activity.

Last week, they reportedly posted photos of themselves holding up the severed heads of fighters.

“Should Sharrouf or Elomar return to Australia, these warrants authorise law enforcement to arrest them immediately,” an AFP spokeswoman told AAP.

Sharrouf’s social media profile has shown him waving the organisation’s flag.

More than 100 Australians are believed to have left the country to fight in the Middle East, with dozens known to be actively involved.

Mr Abbott said anyone caught doing so would “suffer the consequences”.


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