Security camera footage from Australian homes, businesses streaming on website


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Footage from hundreds of security cameras monitoring Australian businesses and homes is now available to anyone with an internet connection to view online.

Website Insecam is streaming over 70,000 feeds from internet protocol cameras around the world without the knowledge of the owners of the cameras or those unwittingly filmed by them.

There are currently 924 Australian camera feeds available on the website showing the insides of businesses, factories, building sites and what appear to be private homes.

Internet protocol cameras, or IP cameras, are security cameras similar to CCTV which allow owners to view their camera feeds online.

It is believed the cameras available to view on the Insecam site are accessible because their owners have not changed the default password on their devices.

The managing director of a Queensland traffic management company whose security cameras appeared on the site said the fact that anyone could view the vision was troubling.

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The company had recently installed a new security system and had not been told of the security vulnerability.

“I was completely shocked to find out that our business could now be viewed worldwide through our own cameras,” the woman, who did not want to be identified, said.

Security camera footage from a Domino's Pizza store

“It just goes to show how easily private information can be made available in the public arena.”

Footage from seven cameras from a Domino’s Pizza restaurant in Queensland had been available on the site and showed employees making pizzas and the customer waiting area.

Dominos chief operations officer Andrew Megson said the company had taken immediate action to address the security breach.

“Domino’s has been alerted to the CCTV footage from one of its stores viewable online and moved to change the passwords and shut down the live footage immediately,” he said.

Website a reminder of privacy risks: expert

Computer security expert Dr Suelette Dreyfus from the University of Melbourne said the site revealed obvious security flaws, but she was more concerned about how often members of the general public were being monitored.

“People should be much more worried about the fact that their personal movements are being tracked at all, by any strangers, rather than by this particular website,” Dr Dreyfus said.

The Insecam website’s “frequently asked questions” page said the cameras had not been hacked, but accessed because the owners had not changed the default passwords on the cameras.


It advised the owners of cameras streaming on the site to email the site’s administrator if they wanted the feed removed from the website.

It also claimed the purpose of the website was to draw attention to the importance of the security settings on IP cameras.

Dr Dreyfus agreed, saying the website was a reminder of how easily private data could fall into the wrong hands.

“The website does provide some element of public good by reminding us all that unless we as a society limit how spy cameras are used, we will never have real privacy,” she said.

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“The site is confronting – but then so is the loss of privacy posed by spy technologies.”

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