Federal & NSW Police raid homes in Sydney: Operation ‘not connected to Martin Place siege’

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Raids are being carried out on several homes in Sydney by NSW Police and Australian Federal Police (AFP).

NSW Police said officers were conducting search warrants as part of an ongoing operation, but the action was not connected to Monday’s Martin Place siege.

It has been reported one of the properties being raided is a unit block in the north-western suburb of Marsfield.

It is also understood that at least one of the properties was targeted during large-scale counter-terrorismĀ raids in September.

An AFP spokesman said they would release further information when it was safe to do so.

“As this activity remains ongoing, and to ensure the safety and security of the operation and the members involved, it is not appropriate to provide further details at this time,” the spokesman said.

“We will endeavour to provide further information as the AFP and NSW Police are in a position to do so.”

Henry Sapiecha

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