Committee supports budget relief for Australian intelligence agencies

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The Parliamentary Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security has today fulfilled one of its key statutory oversight responsibilities with the tabling of its review into the administration and expenditure of the Australian Intelligence Agencies for the 2013–2014 financial year.

The Committee concluded that the agencies comprising the Australian Intelligence Community are overseeing their administration and expenditure appropriately.

Matters addressed by the Committee included agencies’ strategic planning, staffing, security, budget and financial performance.

Committee Chair, Mr Dan Tehan, commented that ‘for a number of years now, the Committee has monitored the impact of the efficiency dividend and other savings measures on agencies and sought assurances that each agency continued to have the necessary resources to address Australia’s national security priorities.’

‘While outside the period under review, increases to the ongoing funding of intelligence agencies, and the Office of National Assessment’s exemption from the efficiency dividend, help allay the Committee’s concerns that agencies were at the point of being unable to find further efficiencies without affecting ongoing capability or operations,’ Mr Tehan said.

Further information about the inquiry, including the Committee’s report, can be accessed via the Committee’s website at

For media comment, please contact the Office of the Chair, Dan Tehan MP, on 6277 4393.


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