Rogue Android app holds devices to ransom

The dodgy ransom Android app image

An Android phone app that takes a photo of the user and holds their device ransom for $US500 ($A722) has been discovered by a computer security company.

The app, called Adult Player, appears to offer users pornographic images but instead secretly takes pictures with the front facing camera, the security company ZScaler said in a blog post.

The app then holds the phone hostage and forces users to pay a $US500 ransom through PayPal.

The security company says the app will still be on the device after a reboot if the user tries to delete it and has included a step-by-step process to remove it.

To avoid being victim of such ransomware, ZScaler says it is always best to download apps only from trusted app stores, such as Google Play.

This can be enforced by unchecking the option of “Unknown Sources” under the “Security” settings of your device.

AAP and Fairfax Media


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