Cyber Threats Not Stopping Any Time Soon it is said

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It has been an interesting couple of weeks in the realm of cyber security, particularly for government agencies.

The IRS was the target of an attack and the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) was chided by politicians for what they called “gross negligence” in an attack last year that was only recently revealed.  The OPM is accused of failing to adhere to even basic cyber security practices as hackers linked to China stole a bevy of private information about federal employees.  It is being called one of the worst government data breaches in history.

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Of course, the private sector has seen its share of data breaches and cyber attacks as well.  The St. Louis Cardinals are alleged to have breached the database of the Houston Astros, gaining access to scouting reports and other information regarding potential trades.  Across the globe, a Polish airline had to delay and cancel flights because their computer systems have been compromised by a hacker.

It’s yet another reminder for business continuity professionals that these attacks aren’t going away and are almost surely going to become more common, more damaging and more difficult to stop.

Part of what makes cyber attacks a challenge to deal with is the fact that they can come from anywhere.  Competitors, random attackers, even other nations are a potential threat and with different kinds of attacks with different levels of severity.  Unlike many other things that BC pros plan for, it is difficult to stay a step ahead of cyber criminals because when one kind of attack is shut down, they can switch to another.

On one hand, the looming cyber threat can be used to help garner support for a business continuity program.  It is an emerging issue in so many industries and as these data breaches continue to make the news, executives are starting to pay attention.  However, because these types of attacks are relatively new, they can force organizations to change the way they think and act.  Business Continuity professionals come from a wide range of backgrounds and not all of them have extensive computer knowledge.  Some may want to bring someone who does to their team, but how feasible is that with limited resources and budget?

The bottom line is cyber attacks and data breaches are going to continue and business continuity professionals must find new and innovative ways to combat them.  There isn’t any business or government organization that isn’t threatened by these attacks in some way.


Henry Sapiecha


Henry Sapiecha

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