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HP and FireEye: Strengthening IT Security

Defense is an important part of any enterprise IT security strategy, but it is no longer enough to rely on a strong perimeter.

Today’s cyber criminals are sophisticated and organized. Specialists hunt out alternative routes into your systems. They pass that information on to others who lurk inside looking for opportunities to exploit internal weaknesses.

Fighting a Security Epidemic

They can stay in your systems for months, or even longer—according to Mandiant’s M-Trends 2015 Threat Report, the longest undetected breach was over eight years.

Cyber criminals have changed their approach and that brings with it increased risks. They are after money or data they can sell on the black market. According to the Ponemon 2014 Global Report on the Cost of Cyber Crime, the average cost of an attack in 2014 was $7.6 million, but that’s only the start.

Governments now impose heavy regulatory fines on companies not taking due care to prevent loss of personal data. Similarly, security breaches can mean companies fail to meet contractual obligations, which then leads to litigation. Around the world, HP has specialists to help clients meet their specific regulatory and compliance issues.

Compromised systems hurt organizations in other ways, as well—for instance, customers and investors can lose confidence. The market capitalization of an enterprise can drop 30% following a breach, which means the risk is more than just the amount stolen—an attack can push a business to the wall.

Meanwhile, the main threat has moved on from penetration. You can’t assume it is always possible to stop breaches. Instead you need to minimize the damage that can be done once the bad guys are inside your systems and build resilience so you can recover quickly from any attack.


HP Enterprise Security understands this new threat landscape. We focus on disrupting attacks before they begin and then act at every stage throughout the security life cycle.

That’s why, in April 2015, HP formed a partnership with FireEye. The company specializes in protecting organizations against advanced security threats. FireEye has a track record of dealing with some of the most serious cyber attacks on corporations.

Working together, HP and FireEye offer three services to reduce the business risk from online crime:

Global Incident Response: HP works with FireEye’s Mandiant operation to investigate, assess and resolve cyber security events. These range from single-system compromises to enterprise-wide intrusions. The service pulls on Mandiant’s decade-long history of responding to advanced attacks.

Advanced Compromise Assessment: HP and Mandiant act jointly to provide the security industry’s most advanced compromise assessment.

Managed Advanced Threat Protection Services: An around-the-clock security monitoring service looking for indications that an attack has bypassed conventional perimeter defenses. This calls on experienced HP and FireEye threat analysts who work as an extension of the client organization’s cyber security team. They’ll provide the insight and intelligence to see off attackers who are already inside your network.

HP’s FireEye partnership gives you the capability to decrease IT and business risk, reduce exposure to active threats and establish effective, fast remediation. HP Enterprise Security offers a complete suite of products, security consulting and managed security services. It works with customers to build defenses, put appropriate response plans in place and then monitor and respond to security events as they happen. FireEye brings industry-leading technology, intelligence and expertise. Together they add up to the most advanced cyber security protection available today.


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