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Some major Australian websites that aren’t secure

RENOWNED cyber security expert Troy Hunt has shamed some of Australia’s most visited websites for not being secure.

Among those that don’t encrypt the data travels between users and the website include Australia’s Bureau of Meteorology website,, and the ABC website.

These websites are among a minority that do not use HTTPS – the secure version of the web’s underlying data transfer protocol. The ‘S’ part of the acronym is the important bit.

It stands for Hyper Text Transfer Protocol Secure and is the protocol over which data is sent between your browser and the website that you are connected to.

How Mr.Google has kept 85K of their employees from getting phished since 2017

Physical security keys in place of passwords have proven effective for Google and other large sites.

Google has successfully kept more than 85,000 employees from getting phished on their work-related accounts since way back to 2017. According to reporting from KrebsOnSecurity, physical security keys are to thank for these successes.

Security keys are physical USB-based devices that can be used as an alternative to the standard two-factor authentication (2FA) process.

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A 2FA process is meant to ensure that if a thief steals a user’s password, they aren’t able to access the user’s account because they don’t have an additional factor (e.g., the user’s mobile device) needed to complete the login process.

Australian ‘My Health Record systems ‘collapse under more opt-outs than expected

When the countries citizens rush to opt out of an Australian government service, it says something about their levels of trust in the offering. When the system falls over under heavy load, it proves them right.

Australians attempting to opt out of the government’s new centralised health records system online have been met with an unreliable website. Those phoning in have faced horrendous wait times, sometimes more than two hours, often to find that call centre systems were down as well, and staff unable to help.

Australians need to think about doing this immediately to protect their heath data records

A NEW system of digitised, comprehensive medical records for everyone in this country is set to come into effect shortly but Australians are being warned about potential privacy and security issues.

The Federal Government’s new My Health Record system will create a personal medical history file for every Australian.

People’s medical records will be stored on a national database under the scheme, to be viewed by patients, doctors and other medical staff at any time. That is, unless you opt out – which you can do for a three-month period beginning today.