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Security News This Week: An iTunes Bug Let Hackers Spread Ransomware

FBI overreach, hacker payback, and more of the week’s top security news.

bug wearing headphones on pink to blue gradient

The past week brought a heaping helping of not so comforting cybersecurity news, starting with President Donald Trump’s apparent plans to pull out of the Cold War-era Open Skies treaty. We explained why that would be as bad an idea as it sounds. But that’s just for starters.

We also took a look at how planting a spy bug on IT hardware is a lot easier—and cheaper—than you might assume. Also cheap and easy: Russia’s cross-platform disinformation assault during the 2016 election, as comprehensively laid out in a new report from the Senate Intelligence Committee this week. The conclusion is the same as it has been for over a year, but is no less important for it: Russia’s still at it, and the US isn’t doing enough to stop it.