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Perhaps New Government enforced Cyber Security Regulations should be in place?


If President Barrack Obama has his way, companies may soon have new cybersecurity regulations to deal with.

In light of breaches at companies like Home Depot and Target, the president is proposing legislation that would require companies to inform their customers whether their data has been compromised within 30 days called the Personal Data Notification and Protection Act.  The act would also make it a crime to sell customers’ identities overseas.

While it is unclear whether or not any legislation will be passed, it is worth keeping an eye on for the business continuity community.

At the very least, this bill is going to result in a new federal regulation to comply with in the event it is passed.  It is too early in the game to tell what exactly those regulations will be, as the act will likely undergo changes before it goes to a vote, but it is entirely possible that companies will need to make some changes to their current plans or programs.  Even if a company already has a policy about notifying customers about their data being in jeopardy, new federal regulations will require action.

It seems as if the government is beginning to take cyber security more seriously.  With all the major data breaches last year, including the Sony hack that has since been traced to North Korea, it is clear that cyber threats aren’t going away anytime soon.  Whether or not the Personal Data Notification and Protection Act becomes the law of the land, it’s time for businesses to seriously start looking at their cyber security policies and making sure they are up to date.


Henry Sapiecha