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Sex scam: Politicians and teachers targeted online

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone has told of being targeted in an attempted scam image

Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone has told of being targeted in an attempted scam. Photo: Wesley Lonergan

Politicians, teachers and others of “high standing” in NSW are being targeted in a “sexploitation” scam aimed at tricking them into compromising positions and forcing them to pay to protect their reputations.

A day after it emerged Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner reported a blackmail attempt to police, it can be revealed that Fairfield mayor Frank Carbone was also targeted in June in a strikingly similar case.

Cr Carbone believes his experience, during which he was asked to “connect” with a woman calling herself Pearl Wilson on the networking site LinkedIn, is an indication blackmailers are targeting Australian politicians.

A police source said the scam was “quite an extensive fraud” attempt that specifically sought out people of high standing in the community.

Police were aware of politicians, councillors and teachers among those targeted.

On Tuesday night, Channel Ten reported the extortionists also targeted a senior executive at Liverpool council, the general manager of a Central Coast council and a member of the military.

Asked to confirm this, a Liverpool council spokesman told Fairfax Media: “I don’t believe I can assist you with your inquiries.”

Channel Ten revealed on Monday night that Mr Stoner was the subject of a blackmail attempt via LinkedIn and reported the matter to police.

However, he has denied there were “images” involved.

In June, Cr Carbone received the connection request on LinkedIn from the person calling herself Pearl Wilson, who claimed to be an anti-child-trafficking advocate.

“Pearl” told Cr Carbone she was based in the United States and was “coming to Australia”. She encouraged him to download the Whatsapp Messenger mobile phone application, which he already had.

“She started sending ‘sexy’ photos,” Cr Carbone told Fairfax Media.

“I worked out what it was. She started to message me and I just ignored it, because I knew what she was trying to do. She said, ‘Why don’t you activate your camera and we can talk?'”

Through the application, Cr Carbone soon began receiving telephone calls from a mobile number based in Ghana, none of which he answered.

“The reason I’m on social media is because, as the mayor, people want to talk to me about all sorts of local issues,” Cr Carbone said.

“But I thought, ‘Who is this person? She’s trying to have a conversation with me from the USA. Why would I do that? What am I going to do, fix her garbage problem in America?'”

Cr Carbone believes “100 per cent” that he was targeted because of his job as mayor.

“You’ve got to be pretty stupid to fall for it,” he said. “I’m happily married. What you do is just ignore them.”

Mr Stoner alerted police in November 2014, shortly after he quit cabinet in anticipation of his retirement from politics at the March election.

Mr Stoner has said police told him not to discuss the matter.

On Tuesday, Premier Mike Baird said Mr Stoner’s experience was “a personal matter”, which Mr Stoner had never discussed with him.

“There’s nothing to suggest that what has taken place has in any way impacted his ministerial responsibilities,” Mr Baird said.

The police sources said the number of victims and the amount of money paid to scammers was unknown.

NSW police’s Robbery and Serious Crime Squad has investigated the scam but nobody has been charged.

A NSW Police spokesman said it would be “inappropriate to comment” about the investigation.

Henry Sapiecha

This licensed Private Investigator has had sex with 60 prostitutes – Sydney’s ratepayers footing the bill

Someone's gotta do it. Fred Allen is paid to use the services of suspected brothels image

Someone’s gotta do it: Fred Allen* is paid to use the services of suspected brothels. Photo: James Brickwood

Three years ago Fred Allen* was a taxi driver working 12-hour shifts to make ends meet.

Today, he is a gun for hire, having received tens of thousands of dollars from Sydney’s metropolitan councils in exchange for crucial evidence that is presented in court to help expose and close underground parlours. In short, Mr Allen has paid sex with prostitutes and ratepayers foot the bill.

“Never in a million years would I have imagined a job like this existed, let alone me doing it,” the 60-year-old said, with a hint of a smirk. “It’s a strange world for sure.”

Mr Allen confirmed he had completed more than 60 jobs at locations across Sydney

Mr Allen confirmed he had completed more than 60 jobs at locations across Sydney. Photo: James Brickwood

When Sydney-based Lyonswood Investigations advertised for a “brothel buster investigator” in 2011, it was inundated with resumes from as far afield as Finland.

But while all applicants were willing to engage in paid, undercover sex, the agency’s managing director Lachlan Jarvis confirmed Fred was the only suitable candidate for the niche role. “He had his private investigator’s license, his oral and written English was excellent, he was willing to appear in court if needed … and he was single.”

Mr Allen’s maiden mission involved an undercover visit to an unlicensed brothel reportedly masquerading as a massage clinic. “I had never been to a brothel in my life so I was feeling quite nervous and apprehensive,” he recalled.

“I didn’t know what to expect. I reminded myself that this was a legal job exposing illegal activities. As far as first days at work go, I enjoyed myself.”

Since then, a core group of approximately 10 Sydney councils have called on his services. “The drill is always the same, he explained. “An email arrives in my inbox providing the name, address and description of the premises. I then head in, get the information required and file a written report to the office, which is forwarded to the council.”

Mr Allen confirmed he had completed more than 60 jobs at various locations across Sydney. In nearly every case, the establishments were “clean and comfortable” environments staffed almost exclusively by Asian girls who were in Australia to “study English”. Sexual services were given in all but three of the businesses he has visited, he said.

“The jobs flow in, on average, once every three weeks. If it spreads out that way, it’s perfect,” he said.

“But there are occasions when they all arrive at once. For instance, I was given three jobs to complete, for the same council, in the same week … and I’m not as young as I used to be.”

While Mr Allen said he enjoys the thrill of going undercover, he doesn’t believe there’s a book in his adventures.

“I’d like to recount a series of hair-raising adventures and humorous anecdotes but, the truth is, it’s all pretty run of the mill,” he said. “I’m hired as your regular, everyday customer who walks in, requests a service, pays the money, and then leaves with a smile. I’ve never had a knife drawn on me or anything.

“I can assure you, it’s far safer than being a taxi driver. It’s better paid too.”

Though their paths have never crossed, he is aware of one other agent like him in Sydney. Far from feeling threatened, he is “heartened” by the likelihood of there being more. “It would be nice to meet them one day,” he said.

To date, he has only shared his secret with one other person: “I told one of my mates … he was a bit incredulous and a bit envious, too.”

While Mr Allen acknowledges his work is not the sort of job you want everyone knowing about, he has grappled with the idea of coming clean with his two adults sons.

“I’m in a quandary,” he said. “I’ve considered sitting them down and telling them. Alternatively, when I kick the bucket, they’ll go through my paperwork and discover for themselves.

“Either way, I hope they have a good chuckle.”

* not his real name

Henry Sapiecha